Tools and advices


The Observatory of Psychological Dangers provides daily advices and tools enabling you to protect those close to you: simple behaviors, the latest teachings, and numerous downloadable documents: campaigns, maps, posters, and teaching brochures. They allow us to live a responsible life that pragmatically prevents the specter of a psychological accident.

1/ Simple Behaviors

image Regular Screening:
- Fill out the online questionnaire every six months for self-awareness and a review of alarming risk factors.
Consult the maps:
- Before going anywhere, create a secure itinerary. Avoid cities and countries with an elevated EPD risk rate. While waiting for the latest studies: steer clear of France.
Reduce your amount of information
- Take care to have only a reasonable number of objects, furniture, relationships, and daily acts (digital objects and virtual relationship count!).
Avoid unbalanced relationships
- Professional ones, of course, but also couples, children, “friends,” all the many relationships whose status in our society keeps us from soul-searching.
- Avoid contact with persons at Level 3, and increase the distance (minimum 10 miles/km) from those close to you (family, friend) [who are] at Level 4. For this reason, require your circle to get screened and to wear a bracelet showing level of exposure.
Avoid the Virtual Reality of Modern Resources:
- Make limited use of modes of communication: reduce the number of motor-driven trips, social network hours, TV, the use of the telephone…

2/ Protecting your close relatives

image Be responsible. We are the first source of danger: display your rate of exposure bracelet and withdraw from the world during periods of contagion (Levels 3 and 4).
Fight against denial while communicating to those close to you the principles of The EPD and creating local prevention campaigns: postings, organization of screenings.
Let’s pass it on to our children. They are the chosen targets of this awakening: saved/spared by our culture of denial, they are the future. We explain the EPD to them as a virus that regular prevention can contain. Without guilt, their responsibility and individual obligations (bracelet, withdrawal, screening…) are emphasized. The objective of this transmission is to teach them to protect themselves, to recognize risky situations and contagious persons thanks to simple rules to be put in place. Ex: “Never speak to a stranger whose rate of exposure you don’t know.”

3/ Download the tools

image This platform shares the tools that will permit you to act:

Display your rates:
- The bracelets with EPD levels
- Social network individual icons:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Organize a prevention campaign in your area:
The Campaigns:
- Campaign 1: The poetic posters that introduce to risky situations.(french/english)
- Campaign 2: teach “simple behaviors” on a poster (only french).
- Campaign 3: Display the rate of your neighborhood by using small geographic posters (french, eng, esp, chinese) by level:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

- Campaign 4: Risk factors in an brisk tone.(eng, eng)

- Paris: A predictable disaster
- India: The permanent miracle
- US: Stable despite the crisis
and every other territories danger maps on demand.
(The Observatory advises posting them in all town halls in cities with a population of more than 10,000.)

Coming soon: manuals, evacuation tutorial videos, make your own Dtoxbox, etc...

You too, share and update your data and the maps of your city.