It’s never too late


Numerous causes lead us to a dangerous level of EPD (Level 4): an environment too rich in objects or events, a contagious neighborhood, or even being part of an unbalanced couple… Prevention, and daily hygiene, are therefore not sufficient. Eager to offer rapid and effective remedies to persons in danger, the Observatory is experimenting with radical solutions to close the faucet of information and instantly lessen the rate of Exposure to Psychological Dangers. These treatments are the point of the prescription whose duration and specificity are assessed by a specialist at the Observatory, based on the results of the screening. We disclaim all responsibility for actions resulting from self-medication.

1/ Dtox Box

image In a closed space of 33 square meters, entertainment is limited: no object, or means of communication, book, window, noise… The Dtox Box is the simplest and the most effective of the remedies practiced by the Observatory. We can no longer count the number of “miracles”, so many situations where the patient, initially skeptical, in a few days experienced a 50% decrease in rate of exposure.

2/ Regression sessions

image Between his computer, his partner, his colleagues, his friends…There are absorbed more than 20 codes, languages or ways of functioning. So much information results from this combat that it is sometimes necessary to consciously choose to function more spontaneously for several hours in order to confine the flood. These session activities need really low datas : Walk on all fours, make noises like an animal, a meal without a place setting. Just wrestling.
Sexual, or even toxic instruction (drug, alcohol), based on the patient’s profile, will be indicated by the professional.
NOTE: In case of emergency, one can organize different regressive process: intoxication (reasonable, of course) among friends, carnival, sexual orgy… far from the comfortable infrastructures of the EPD, not always accessible to the greatest number.

3/ Intercourses with third parties

image All unbalanced relationships have their rate of exposure reach a peak. Confronting this scourge, the solutions differ according to the relationship: you do not withdraw in the same way from a child, a boss, or your partner. In waiting for the sometimes too logistical separation of a couple, periodic distancing is effective (See 5/ The Cures) but never reaches the degree of spectacular remission offered by this treatment: a planned prescription of adultery triggers a rapid return to a flow of information in a tolerable circle. For the greatest effectiveness, this treatment is preceded by a progressive period of drying-out.

4/ Throwing out furniture

image In line with the family and the neighborhood, a targeted choice of objects which harm the patient’s health (by their number, the obsession created) are thrown out of a place that is spectacular as well as symbolic. Once again, an EPD specialist will help [the patient] assess the necessity to separate himself so radically from his furniture, his television or even from any collection he may have.

5/ Forced cures

image A regimen without Internet, without telephone, without television, without companion… without children… friends…
Temporary or “until the new order,” this injunction of remission can be only beneficial for someone whose rate of exposure peaks because of a targeted saturation. For the most important addictions, it must be progressive in a carefully planned drying-out period and must plan for a substitute. (Relations with third parties (cf.above), sport…)
The distraction addiction or any other addiction (internet, "loved ones"..) can require a forced obligation.