Give your points of view or your withnesses

Does EPD protect or prohibit You?

image For a couple of years, lobbies are argueing about prevention laws and freedom limits.
Could we oblige people to protect them self, in the name of the epidemic aspect of EPD? "_ Yes, answers Pierre Deleage (CNRS National Center for Scientific Research ): When your kid got the flue, you don't send him to the school. Then, he will find back a healthy context." Thus, voluntary policies against tobacco or car speed just saved hundred of thousand of people in western countries.
Despite these results, a lot of fighters for freedom are denouncing noisily these constraints to liberty remembering the darkest totalitarian ages.
All these passions make wondering that public decisions to fight the psychological dangers won't be easy to take... and will need years to be taken.

What's your point of view, give your witnesses:
- Must we forbid weddings or regulate the rythm of relationship?
- Can we oblige people to wear the level bracelet?
- Despite their efficiency, must we encourage isolation camps for contagious people (Niv 4)?